Canvas by the Metre

Discover the flexibility and quality of our canvas by the metre at Build a Canvas. Our range caters to artists and creators, offering both primed and unprimed canvas options. Whether you're a professional artist or a hobbyist, find the perfect canvas to match your artistic needs.


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CARAVAGGIO Polyester Caravaggio 504 Primed Polyester
CARAVAGGIO Jute Caravaggio 508 Jute
On Sale from $55.00
Caravaggio 508 Jute
CARAVAGGIO Linen Caravaggio 511F Clear Primed
On Sale from $82.20
Caravaggio 511F Clear Primed
CARAVAGGIO Linen Caravaggio 509 Universal Primed
CARAVAGGIO Linen Caravaggio 509 Oil Primed
On Sale from $92.40
Caravaggio 509 Oil Primed
CARAVAGGIO Linen Caravaggio 512 Universal Primed 10m
CARAVAGGIO Linen Caravaggio 510 Universal Primed
CARAVAGGIO Linen Caravaggio 514 Universal Primed 10m
CARAVAGGIO Linen Caravaggio 514 Oil Primed 10m
On Sale from $135.00
Caravaggio 514 Oil Primed

Choose Your Ideal Canvas

Dive into our extensive range of artist canvas by the metre. Our selection is tailored to provide you with the best foundation for painting, whether it's for detailed work or large-scale art pieces. From tightly woven fine canvases to robust, textured options, our collection meets a broad spectrum of artistic demands.

The Benefits of Primed Canvas by the Metre

Our primed canvas by the metre is ready for immediate use, saving you preparation time. Ideal for various painting mediums, this canvas is meticulously primed to ensure the best adherence and colour vibrancy for your artwork.

Customise Your Canvas Experience

With our canvas per metre option, you have the freedom to tailor the canvas size to your specific project requirements. This flexibility allows for a more personalised and economical approach to canvas selection, ensuring you only get what you need for your artistic creations. If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact us.


We offer a diverse range of canvases by the metre, including both primed and unprimed options, suitable for different artistic mediums and techniques.

Consider the type of medium you'll be using, the texture you prefer, and the final appearance you desire. Our detailed product descriptions can help guide your choice.

Primed canvas is ideal for artists who want to save time on preparation. It's pre-treated to enhance paint adherence and colour vibrancy, making it perfect for various painting styles.