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Explore a world of creative possibilities with our premium canvas rolls, available in both cotton and linen at Build a Canvas. Our diverse collection features rolled canvas for painting, primed canvas rolls, and more. Find the perfect canvas to bring your artistic vision to life.


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ALESANDRO CANVAS Polyester PolyCotton 10m Roll
$350.00 $620.00
PolyCotton 10m Roll
ALESANDRO CANVAS Linen Triple Clear Primed 400gsm Linen
Up to -27%
BELLE ARTI Linen Belle Arti No38 Oil Primed Roll
BELLE ARTI Linen Belle Arti No40 Oil Primed Roll
CARAVAGGIO Linen Caravaggio 509 Universal Primed
CARAVAGGIO Linen Caravaggio 514 Oil Primed 10m
On Sale from $135.00
Caravaggio 514 Oil Primed
CARAVAGGIO Linen Caravaggio 514 Universal Primed 10m
CARAVAGGIO Linen Caravaggio 512 Universal Primed 10m
CARAVAGGIO Linen Caravaggio 510 Universal Primed
CARAVAGGIO Linen Caravaggio 511F Clear Primed
On Sale from $82.20
Caravaggio 511F Clear Primed
CARAVAGGIO Polyester Caravaggio 504 Primed Polyester
CARAVAGGIO Jute Caravaggio 508 Jute
On Sale from $55.00
Caravaggio 508 Jute
CARAVAGGIO Linen Caravaggio 509 Oil Primed
On Sale from $92.40
Caravaggio 509 Oil Primed

Explore Our Range of Canvas Rolls

Dive into our extensive collection of canvas rolls, perfect for artists who demand the best. Whether you're creating a detailed portrait or an expansive landscape, our rolled canvas for painting offers the ideal surface for your art. Choose from a variety of materials, including top-quality cotton and linen.

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At Build a Canvas, we understand the needs of artists. That's why our canvas rolls are carefully selected to ensure the highest quality. From beginners to seasoned professionals, our canvas rolls cater to all, providing the perfect foundation for your artistic expressions.

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Delve into our collection now and take the first step on your next imaginative expedition. At Build a Canvas, we don't just offer canvases; we empower your creativity. Explore our full range of canvas-related products for all your artistic needs. If you have any questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Roll canvas is a long, continuous piece of canvas fabric that is sold in rolls, allowing artists to cut and stretch it to their desired size. This format is ideal for custom projects, offering flexibility in terms of canvas size and usage. It's a popular choice for artists who work on various scales or require specific dimensions that aren't available in pre-stretched canvases.

Cotton canvas rolls are known for their smooth texture and are generally more affordable, making them a popular choice among artists. Linen canvas rolls, on the other hand, are valued for their fine texture and durability, preferred for high-end paintings.

Absolutely! Our canvas rolls are perfect for artists at all skill levels. Beginners will find our primed canvas rolls easy to start with, while professionals can enjoy the high-quality and versatility of both our primed and unprimed options.